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Get 300 Dollars with Total Access Cheking Account
1.65% APY with our Max Savings


These special offers are not available on any Wintrust Community Bank websites.


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1. General Bonus Information. This Total Access Checking account bonus offer is not available to existing or closed checking account customers of Wintrust Financial Corporation and its subsidiaries (WTFC) or its active employees. Limit one bonus payment per customer, regardless of the number of accounts opened. If you qualify for this Total Access Checking account bonus offer, you are ineligible to receive this Total Access Checking account bonus offer from any other WTFC location. If you qualify for any other WTFC savings offer it may be combined with this Total Access Checking account bonus offer. Your new account must be open, in the same product, and have a balance greater than zero to receive the bonus payment. The $300.00 bonus payment is subject to IRS 1099-INT reporting and may be considered income for tax purposes for the tax year in which the bonus was paid.   2. Bonus Qualifications. (i) Open a new Total Access Checking account from July 1, 2019 through September 30, 2019; (ii) Open a Total Access checking account via this website page; (iii) have monthly occurring direct deposits totaling $500.00 each month made to your new account for 2 consecutive calendar months after the calendar month your new account was opened (qualification period); and (v) enroll in online banking and active e-statements within the Qualification Period. A Direct Deposit is defined as any payment made by a government agency, employer, or other third-party organization that is made via an electronic deposit. A Direct Deposit does not include teller/ATM/mobile or remote deposits, wire transfers between accounts at WTFC, external transfers from other accounts at other financial institutions at ATM/debit card transfers. After you have completed all the above bonus qualifications, we will deposit the bonus payment into your new account within thirty (30) calendar days after the Qualification Period.  3. MAX Savings. Offer not available to open online. To receive offer, you must open in-person at a WTFC location. The annual Percentage Yield (APY) for this account is 1.65% and is accurate as of 09/01/19. A maintenance fee of $5.00 will be imposed every month if the daily balance on any day of the month falls below $200.00. Fees may reduce earnings. This account has a variable rate that means we may change the interest rate and APY as often as we choose, without limits and without notice. Transaction limitations may apply. 4. New Money. New money is defined as money not held at any WTFC location. A listing of WTFC locations can be found here: These special offers are only available at the website page noted above or by coming into a WTFC location to open and mentioning these special offers.